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Domain Registration & Web Hosting in Kenya

Web hosting and domain registration in kenya, lets start with domain name, domain name is a unique name for your web site, which most of the time is your company's or business name, choosing a domain should always include a hosting solution. Your domain name should be easy to remember and easy to type. Choosing a domain name is a major step for any individual or organization. New domain name extensions and creative thinking still offer thousands of excellent domain names, when choosing a name, it is important to consider the purpose of a domain name, which is to provide an easy way to reach your web site. The best domains have the following characteristics: Short - People don't like to type! A short domain name is easier to type, read, and remember, don't forget that.

Get a domain with a hosting solutions, that will include e-mail accounts for each person in your company. E-mail addresses should appear something like this:

Web Hosting

A small or medium web site will need between 10 and 100MB of disk space. If you look at the size of HTML pages, you will see that the average size is very small. But if you look at the size of the images used inside these pages, you will often find the images larger than the page. Expect each HTML page to take up between 5 and 50KB of disk space on your web server, depending on the use of images or other space-consuming elements. If you use a lot of images or graphic elements (or sound files or movies), you might need much more disk space. Make sure you know your needs, before choosing a web host....Contact us for Domain registration & Web Hosting Today

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