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Credit, Microfinance & Sacco Software in Kenya


Software for Credit Institutions, Microfinance & Saccos

Based in Nairobi Kenya, we are one of the leading software providers for Credit Institutions, Microfinance and Sacco Management System. Our Software is very user friendly and you can seamlessly automate the entire process of offering various financial services to small scale, individuals, or groups. How can we manage our operations efficiently as we pick up pace for our next wave of growth and expansion?. Absolute Corporate Solutions shall work closely with your organisation to customize a centralized role based, task driven system that will bring all the systems and processes under a single unified solution. This will facilitate seamless data sharing, faster management of information and decision making efficiently.

Absolute Corporate Solutions shall offer various benefits like automating process of offering financial services, integration of third party content and many more. Improve Cash Management Reduce revenue leakage and cash related fraud with better cash management module.

Credit, Microfinance & Sacco Management ERP System

ACS offers tailored or customized software solution services that meet client's needs. For example solidarity lending where loans are made to groups rather than individuals are often used. Some organizatons use sophisticated policies to guide their business, including the policies around how long people need to be regular savers before they can take out loans and etc. We can pretty much customize our solution to fit your way of operations no matter how complex your organisation's work flow is. See Benefits Below.

  • - Mobile Money, Customer Self Service with (USSD).
  • - Real Time Communication Across All Departments with Regards to Loan Status.
  • - Streamlined Real Time Workflow of Transactions.
  • - Real Time Access to Information & Reporting.
  • - Accounts & Financials Management.
  • - Seamless ERP and CRM Functions Under One Roof.
  • - Vastly Improved Fraud Detection.
  • - SMS Alerts (Loan Arrears Reminders).
  • - Numerous Banking Operations.
  • - Automated Faster Loan Underwriting and Decision Making.
  • - Full HR Management, Payroll, Leave Management & Etc.
  • - Authentication, Authorization and Auditing of All Transactions for Any Future Audits.
  • - Create & Manage Loans and Automated Loan Repayments from Client Savings Account.
  • - Trial Balance, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Journal Transactions, Daily Expenditure Posting.
  • - Debt Recovery Solution.
  • - Manage Clients Personal data.
  • - Create & Manage Savings Accounts.
  • - Savings Interest Posting. Minimum Savings Balance.
  • - Complete General Ledger Accounting.
  • - And Many More.

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