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Web Maintenance in Kenya


Web Maintenance Services in Kenya

Serving Kenya and Nairobi businesses since inception when is comes to web maintenance. An agency that provides ongoing website maintenance and support services to its new and the current clients. Maintenance support consists of updates for plugins and themes as well as core updates, revising, editing, or otherwise changing existing layout to a new look and feel keeping your website fresh and up to date. Without maintenance, these issues will escalate and your website will break down preventing things from loading properly and delivering a negative user experience to your clients or customters, we will keep your website upto date with what is new in terms of technology.

Website maintenance is like changing oil and servicing your car, just bring it to the garage and we shall take care of the details so you and your staff can get back to doing what you do best, running your business. After we are done you shall get back to driving and cruising through the business lanes feeling energetic and ready to face the world as you attract new customers.

We strive to keep your website fully functional and responsive even through periods of periodic maintenance or when performing updates. Keep in mind that a well maintained website attracts consumers and maintains the interest of your existing customers.

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